Purpose and Dedication of the Blackfoot Digital Library

Although the endeavor to create a publicly accessible Blackfoot-centric library is recent, this project is ultimately the outcome of documentary work that began more than a century ago, and which elaborates on a knowledge base that emerged through a continuity of many thousands of years living in kitawahsinnoon.

The Blackfoot Digital Library is both indebted and dedicated to akaitapii - our ancestors who observed the radical changes being forced upon our communities in the context of colonization, and who took it upon themselves to record their knowledge for the benefit of future generations.

This is our opportunity to bring home the field notes, photographs, and recordings that have been spread all over the world; to respond to publications that have misinterpreted and misrepresented our experiences and our way of life.

The Blackfoot Digital Library is a venue for sharing our families and our communities stories, past and present. Most certainly it is intended to be an educational resource for all those now living in kitawahsinnoon

But above all, The Blackfoot Digital Library is meant to honor akaitapii, and their desire to speak through a variety of recording media to the grandchildren they never had a chance to meet, thereby ensuring that their knowledge is carried through to future generations.

Memorandum of Understanding

On May 17th 2008 the Presidents of Red Crow Community College and the University of Lethbridge signed the first ever Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions.

Intended to strengthen the relationship between Blackfoot communities and the University of Lethbridge, this agreement will ensure the ongoing success of the project as well as open the door for future agreements.

As stated in the document, the primary responsibility for Red Crow Community College is to provide the content (of which the Blackfoot People retains ownership), collected from the Blackfoot community, ensure its authenticity and to obtain approval from the community for its publication on the Internet. To view the full document please contact either institution.

We invite those who would like to donate material, provide information or give interviews for the Blackfoot Digital Library to contact Adrienne Heavy Head.
Phone: 403-317-2886
E-mail: adrienne.heavyhead@uleth.ca

If you could know more about the role of University of Lethbridge Library in the project please contact

Wendy Merkley
Email:  wendy.merkley@uleth.ca
(403) 329-2031




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