Photographs of Lame Bear and John Mountain Chief from the Magee collection

John was a truant officer, which brought him great respect among the people. John was also the local all around helper. Anyone could call on him whether they were in need of help from the snow or needed a handyman. John was a very well known and well respected man within the community. More information is needed on Lame Bear. In the second photograph, it is unknown who the white woman and girl are.

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JOHN MOUNTAIN CHIEF: FATHER: Mountain Chief; MOTHER: Front Strike (married No Chief later); FIRST WIFE: Agnes Kills At Night (later married Running Owl), CHILDREN: one child; SECOND WIFE: Long Time Louse, CHILDREN: one child. Card information: LAME BEAR AND MT. CHIEF (JOHN MOUNTAIN CHIEF): Two Blackfeet men standing in front of a brick wall. Thomas B. Magee, 1862-1930; Henry L. Magee, 1896-1966; MGNGEN0047; LAME BEAR AND MT. CHIEF [ET AL.]: Two Blackfeet men, a woman and a young girl standing in front of a brick wall. Thomas B. Magee, 1862-1930; Henry L. Magee, 1896-1966; MGNGEN0048. These photographs are part of the Magee Family Collection. The collection was donated to the Blackfoot Digital Library by Don Magee, the son of Thomas Magee. The originals are now in the University of Alberta's archives. Research on the photographs has been done by Adrienne Heavy Head using various published resources about the Blackfoot people and interviews.
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